Monday, January 10, 2011

A Message To You All

When I checked my twitter account 4 days ago (@beforecrisis) I had 48 followers. 
I mainly checked my timeline twice a day to check out some news and that odd rant from a weird cousin.
As I was drifting along, several people mentioned a Kenneth Tong. The name wasn't familiar, either was his ugly face, but his message rang more bells than Sunday morning mass.
"The Size Zero Pill"

But it wasn't that he was advertising a diet pill to help people lose weight..there was no catchy tweet to install confidence. No. I did However read: 
"Kenneth Tong: taking away your undeserved confidence. Reminding you not everyone is beautiful, that's just what they tell fat & ugly people."

Wow... a little "what the fuck?" even slipped through my lips...

I was stunned as I read on.
"Size Zero", "Controlled Anorexia".. 

I was even more shocked to see this man had 12,000 followers.
(he now has 20,000)

I Quickly tweeted to my 48 strong population. And almost all of them replied back. With anger, frustration, and hurt. I had no access to a laptop at the time, and still don't right now (Thanks to sugar free Ribena - ugh..)
But i knew what I had to do.

I went and bought €40 credit for my iPhone, and went on a mission.
(A mission that costs me €10 a day)
I created a new twitter page to show support for people affected, and to rant my rage at 
this vile...devious...well, prick.

48 hours later the page had almost 500 followers, who I refer to as "Supporters". Don't get me wrong, I don't care for lots of followers, I talk nonsense anyways.. but I am slightly angry/baffled that not ONE celebrity or news outlet, despite being BEGGED by hundreds of people, has even so much as ReTweeted, followed, or showed support. 

I contacted Gordon Ramsay, the worlds best chef (his scrambled eggs would even bring Kenneth to his knees), Holly Willoughby (pregnant, beautiful, and personally attacked by Tong on her body image) Davina McCall, Dawn Porter, Rihanna, The Kardashians, Sky News, BBC News, Star Mag and about 30 others.
Not one reply. One of these people could help is know Tong off his perch and raise an Anti Movement.
However, I am not deterred, as the people who have supported so far have take time out to sign petitions, retweet, reply, follow and spread the word. 
I thank each and every one of you.

For the last 3 nights I've stayed on Twitter for over 15 hours straight, and it costs me around €10-15 per night to operate. So believe me it's not a "fame game" I'm playing.
I will not stop until the word is out and we have more support than Tong.

Some people say what I do is gaining him more attention. I beg to differ. 
I believe 500 people standing up for 499 other peoples belief, is worth more than 20,000 following one Man twisted vision.
"The Nail That Sticks Out Gets Hammered"

And he WILL.

Please follow @mrtongiswrong and do what you can!

Thanks for reading

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